Automatic Blood Group Detector Using Arduino
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Automatic Blood Group Detector Using Arduino

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08/13/2018 - 12/14/2018




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Automatic Blood Group Detector Using Arduino
Automatic Blood Group Detector Using Arduino

Identification of blood group plays a vital role in the medical field for any treatment.  Misstransfusion of blood will lead to many complications. This proposed design provides an easy and fast means of identification of blood types like A, B, AB, and O non invasively. A blood group is a classification of blood-based on the presence and absence of antibodies. Also based on the presence or absence of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells. Thus by using the optical properties of the antigens present in the blood, the blood groups can be categorized. In our design, the light from the LED is made to pass through the finger and the transmitted light is received by the photodetector which gives the output in the range of voltage signals. These voltage signals are obtained and are coded to the LCD to display the blood group based on the voltage ranges that certain antigens possess. Hence, the blood group is detected using non-invasive process.

Determination of blood type is important before administering a blood transfusion in an emergency situation. Currently, these tests are performed manually by technicians in the laboratory, when the test is handled with a large number of samples, it is monotonous to do and it may lead to human errors. In this project, the proposed idea is to replace the manual work in clinical laboratories for identifying the blood group. The proposed system aims to develop an embedded system which uses Image processing algorithm to perform blood tests based on ABO and Rh blood typing systems. The proposed system aims to develop an embedded system which uses Image processing algorithm to perform blood tests based on ABO and Rh blood typing systems

Why: Problem statement

  • Blood is taken out in the slide method and this type of identification of blood group consumes more time.
  • Chemicals (antiserum) are used for blood group identification in the slide method.

How: Solution description

  • Voltage ranges for the blood group along with the Rh antigens are being found in this system.
  • The blood group is displayed on the LCD for visual convenience.
  • It is a time-saving process.
  • All the elements are combined and kept in the same kit i.e. it does not require a separate software and skilled persons.
  • Easy and precise to use.

How is it different from competition

  • TITLE : Blood group detection using  fiber  optics
  • AUTHORS :T.M. Selvakumari
  • PUBLISHED IN : Armenian Journal of Physics, 2011, vol. 4, issue 3, pp. 165-168.


In this project, the blood group is taken out and detected wholely using the different absorption levels of the antigen and antibody present. This absorption level is converted to the voltage signal and is read by a multimeter.


  1. The voltage ranges for Rh antigens specifically are not found.
  2. Blood is taken out for blood group identification.
  3. The blood type is not displayed in this paper.

Who are your customers

Blood bank

Project Phases and Schedule

Phase 0: Project idea is identified.

Phase 1: Resources are purchased.

Phase 2: Design is made and the program is loaded.

Phase 3: Voltage values made constant.

Resources Required

  • LED


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