A Statistical Study on Students' Perception of Indira Gandhi College of Arts and Science
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A Statistical Study on Students' Perception of Indira Gandhi College of Arts and Science

Project period

02/10/2017 - 04/18/2017




A Statistical Study on Students' Perception of Indira Gandhi College of Arts and Science
A Statistical Study on Students' Perception of Indira Gandhi College of Arts and Science

In this project, we concentrated on the student opinion about Indira Gandhi College of Arts and Science. We analyzed students' performance among urban and rural, gender, various department, etc. and also study the mode of the transport system, transportation cost, traveling time of the students.  We used t-test, chi-square, ANOVA and some graphical representations for this project.

Why: Problem statement

Our study is focused on the students' opinion and feeling about our college facilities. Then we studied student traveling distance to college and their performance based upon their marks.

Education, in a very general sense, can be summed up at a basic level as referring to experience or act that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. In the sense that it is formative means that education is serving to form something and particularly something that will have a long-lasting effect on the person's mind and faculties. The most obvious example of this is the ability to understand and use language and mathematics, a skill which is then utilized throughout an individual’s life.

Traveling distance is one of the common most important factors in our study. The traveling distance of the student from home to college, the traveling distance of the student from house to school and even we also analyze the traveling time of the student like how many hours students spend for traveling from home to college.

We use many types of modes of transport to come to college such as bus, bike, bicycle, auto, and car, etc. We calculate the traveling distance in kilometers, traveling time in minutes and cost in rupees.

How: Solution description

Our study reveals that the teachers are encouraging and understanding, students are friendly. Most of the students choose this college only for the department, students feel that the teaching level is best in our college the only thing is infrastructure and ground facilities are poor in our college, so we want to improve this. The students who are doing a part-time job did not affect their studies. In our study, girls are good in studies comparing to boys, so boys are concentrate on their studies. Comparing to HSC marks students score less marks in the semester. So they want to improve. Most of the students use the bus to travel, so the college prefers bus it is very useful for us. This is our solution from our project it helps to improve the development of the college.

How is it different from competition

We take primary data by using some sampling method (like simple random sampling and cluster sampling)  for this project and we used ANOVA, chi-square test, and t-test for testing. 

Who are your customers

Students and faculties are our customer. By use this analysis ,We give suggestion to the student and teachers to improve their talents. We also give some suggestion to government what are the facility what by the college for improvement.

Project Phases and Schedule

Phase 1 - Collecting the data

Phase 2 - Fix our objective and methodology

Phase 3 - Data analysis and interpretation.

Phase 4 - Conclusion and some Suggestions 

Resources Required

Data from respective students

SPSS - for analyzing data


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