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Here we've expressed the idea of victimization Watson to make sure security whereas traveling by cabs. The sole purpose of this concept is to make sure a girl that she enjoys travels firmly. A woman's security whereas traveling by cabs is additionally involved with the driving force. Therein case, we are able to build the use of Watson to research the character of a driver of the cab. Once she is acquainted or attentive to the Driver’s characteristics she will be able to decide whether or not to continue with the travel.

Watson may be a product developed by IBM. The most purpose of developing Watson is for the question-answering automatic data processing system that answers queries exposed in language. IBM Watson is made with varied technologies like language process, machine learning, machine-controlled reasoning, and data retrieval. The sources of knowledge for Watson is fed by many documents, encyclopedias, and different reference materials. Right from foretelling to tax preparations, Watson is being employed altogether in the field nowadays. This AI can even be used for analyzing a person’s character, which might facilitate North American countries in some ways.

In the period of time of the economic revolution, it absolutely was the motorized machines that targeted tasks requiring manual labor – like a tractor to plow our fields or a crane to carry serious objects. These machines still required an individual to direct the machines. The decision-making method reinvigorated with an individual's United Nations agency would pull levers or press buttons to accomplish the task. consequent evolution during this direction light-emitted diodes to programmable machines, wherever we tended to be ready to outline directions and also the machines would execute those directions to work. There's an Associate in the Nursing knowledgeable pattern in these issues that humans leverage to create choices once conferred with fuzzy information or a scenario variable from the predefined protocol. With machines, the challenge is the way to translate this Human Intelligence and train them. For long, AI has been the topic of analysis for application to selective fields like biometry, Robotics, Finance, bioscience, and Industrial Automation, etc.

Why: Problem statement

There is no assurance of however safe the cabs are these days, particularly for a lady in an associate unknown place. aside from accidents, there are several threats and issues that a lady faces whereas traveling by cabs. Even the foremost putative “Ola cabs” has did not guarantee security for ladies.

The cheap app-based cabs have allowed senior voters, operational girls, and thus the party-goers to travel alone at any given time of the day. The service runs wholly on the duopoly of Indian startup writing paper and thus the international huge Uber.

But somewhere down the road, these companies began to compromise on the secure verification of the drivers. Security, the foremost necessary purpose of these companies, was compromised for the number. Between 2015 to 2017 a minimum of eight grievous crimes was committed among Associate in Nursing writing paper or Associate in Nursing Uber cab.

As the vary of crimes against girls committed by the drivers of these apps began to rise, it appeared that in this hunger for growth, the protection of the commuter was the first casualty.fortnight-long in-depth investigation.

Twenty-five reporters from across the country went on a four-city extended investigation. In the end, once gripping 300 cab rides,.We poor into four sub-teams in four cities that fogbound the metropolis region, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

In the nine-part investigation, we've got an inclination to indicate to you the reality of these cabs among the metropolis region.

How: Solution description


Here we've expressed the thought of victimization Watson to make sure security whereas traveling by cabs. The sole purpose of this idea is to make sure a lady that she enjoys her travels firmly. Women's security whereas traveling by cabs is additionally involved with the motive force. In this case, we will build the use of Watson to investigate the character of a driver of the cab. Once she is acquainted or conscious of the Driver’s characteristics she will be able to decide whether or not to continue with the travel. AI is additionally useful for CRM once it involves analyzing the customer’s emotions and establishing methods to extend engagement. AI-based apps for SCM build tedious workflows easier. they will facilitate with statement demand and provide, and inventory management. you will discuss user behavior analysis, expectations, and also the would like for personalization as a section of your strategy together with your chosen AI knowledge. to form the implementation of AI in mobile apps additional sensible and doable, you want to involve all of your resources effectively.

How is it different from competition

Hope therefore we tend to square measure 1st with this rising plan, if therefore we've any competition or somebody forthcoming with a constant plan, we tend to square measure certain that our technique or technique accustomed to solving the matter is totally innovative and totally different from others.

Here we've expressed the concept of victimization Watson to create certain security whereas traveling by cabs. The only real purpose of this idea is to create a certain lady that she enjoys traveling with. A woman's security whereas traveling by cabs is in addition to the thrust. During this case, we are going to produce the employment of Watson to analyze the character of a driver of the cab. Once she is familiar or responsive to the Driver’s characteristics she is going to decide whether or not or to not continue with the travel.

Transportation can use engineering (AI) in mission-critical tasks like self-driving vehicles carrying passengers, AI is used to predict the ways of pedestrians and cyclists, it will decrease traffic accidents and injuries, it will provide further numerous transportation usage associate degreed associate degree overall reduction in emissions.

Artificial intelligence is used in social control capacities, this may be a challenge to human officers attributable to the speeds at that vehicles and passengers will get and out of reading, with engineering, usually|This can be} often no longer such a haul, By victimization advanced analytics and process capabilities, AI could facilitate to look at & establish once a driver is drinking or texting behind the wheel and alert any officers among the native area to intercept them.

Who are your customers

Travel customers, or travelers.

Reasons for traveling embrace recreation, business enterprise or leisure, analysis travel, the gathering of knowledge, visiting folks, volunteer travel for charity, migration to start life in different places, spiritual pilgrimages and mission journeys, business travel, trade, commuting, and alternative reasons, like to get health career waging or fleeing war or for the enjoyment of traveling. Travelers could use human-powered transport like walking or bicycling; or vehicles, like transport, vehicles, trains, and airplanes.

Motives for travel include:

  1. Pleasure

  2. Relaxation

  3. Discovery and exploration

  4. Intercultural communications

  5. Taking personal time for building social relationships.

When traveling abroad, the chances favor a secure and incident-free trip, however, travelers may be subject to difficulties, crime, and violence. Some safety issues embrace being alert to one's surroundings, avoiding being the target of crime departure copies of one's passport and itinerary info with sure folks, getting medical insurance valid within the country being visited, and registering with one's national embassy once inbound in a very foreign country. several countries don't acknowledge drivers' licenses from alternative countries. in order that they got to travel cabs, buses, or others.

Project Phases and Schedule

Build to manage:

 practices that increase velocity and the speed of change, operations can become a bottleneck, leading to long release times or increased operational risk. To address this problem, create DevOps teams with a broad set of skills and common goals. All the team members are empowered to use their unique skills to drive the team towards overall success.

Automate continuous integration:

Changes are delivered and accepted by team members throughout the development day.

Developers deliver their changes and perform personal builds and unit tests before making the changes available to the team.

Changesets from all developers are integrated into a team workspace, and then built and unit tested frequently. This should happen at least daily, but ideally, it happens any time a new changeset is available.

  • Implement high availability for on-premises applications

  • Implement a high availability architecture

  • Continuous delivery

  • Automate tests for continuous delivery

  • Circuit breaker pattern

  • Autoscale applications

  • Chaotic testing

  • Canary testing and feature toggles

  • Health check APIs

  • Capture diagnostic information by using first-failure data capture

Resources Required

 The only main resource we have a tendency to square measure exploitation here is “ IBM WATSON “. The IBM Republic of Asian nation|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} has presently grown to Associate in Nursing extent where it poses a stiff challenge to native coding system firms of India in IT international delivery and workforce attraction/retention. It presently operates the following business lines from the Republic of Asian nation|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} that contributes to worldwide IBM in AN passing international delivery framework: India coding system Labs (ISL), Asian country work (IRL), OS Technology Center, international Business Services(GBS), international Technology Services (GTS) at just the once referred to as ITD-GD (Information Technology Delivery – international Delivery), international Business Solutions Center (GBSC), Sales & Distribution (S&D), Integrated Technology Services (ITS).In making the change to its new mode of operation, type of restructuring steps were taken: - All place in instrumentality (equipment within the Asian country was all employed by the month – a GOI requirement) was 'sold' to the prevailing users for a nominal amount of however $10 - The (profitable) Service Bureaus need to the employees WHO were employed in them at that time. A management structure was established, based totally upon several of the foremost senior Indian managers, WHO conjointly became the majority shareholders inside the new company, that they named IDM (International data Management) - The instrumentality service business was transferred collectively total entity to the GOI, on the understanding that they may still offer maintenance service to any or all existing users. IBM undertook to provide spare parts for a place in instrumentality for a minimum of a further 5 years - staff WHO were operational in several countries at that time were offered positions in those countries if the immigration laws allowed. Most accepted and selected went on to understand promotions to senior positions in those countries and round the world - the use of all completely different staff was terminated, with what were generally thought of to be generous redundancy terms.


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