Automated Accident alert system
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Automated Accident alert system

Project period

11/11/2018 - 12/10/2018




Automated Accident alert system
Automated Accident alert system

The project we propose is based on alerting hospitals, relatives and police stations automatically in case of possible accidents during the day as well as night in high ways and even in busy areas. By sharing the location of the person(s) who has met up with an accident, and alerting the nearby hospitals immediately and also reassuring the contacted persons in case of getting away from the accident safely. In case, if no assuring message is sent from the injured person, then the ambulance service is ale for every 5 to 10 minutes. The pressure/vibration sensor is used to detect the force applied on the vehicle due to accident. If the pressure exceeds a particular warning range the reading is thereby transmitted to the microcontroller. The microcontroller in turn compares the pressure readings and sends signals to the GPRS / GSM module. The GPRS / GSM module, in turn, sends messages/calls to the nearby ambulance services, police stations and to the relatives enlisted by the person(s). In the case of auto-locking, the system is programmed to open the auto-lock at the instant of the accident and an alarm and light system starts to operate such that immediate assistance can be obtained from passers nearby.

Why: Problem statement

  • Road accidents are more common today and threaten human lives more.
  • Many people die on-spot due to accident, the main cause is "delay in rescue".
  • No one can predict when and how it will occur.
  • We are here with a solution to the common people in India.

How: Solution description

Pressure sensor/vibration sensor is used to sense the accident. 

  • If the accident is sensed, the system (GPRS / GSM ) is automated to transmit the victim’s location to:
    • Relative
    • Friend
    • Police station and 
    • Hospital for immediate assistance.
  • Other warning signs include:
    • LED
    • BUZZER

How is it different from competition

In India, there is no such accident alert system in use

In developed countries like the U.S, the alert system is either operated manually or by means of voice activation.

In case, if the injured person(s) is unconscious or is unable to reach out for help, this system becomes a failure.

Who are your customers

  • This alert system is applicable for any kind of vehicle.
  • It is an Immediate aid system.
  • The Alert notification is automated and hence no manual operation needed.
  • Child lock control is removed as soon as an accident is sensed

Project Phases and Schedule

  • The two phases of the accident alert system are:
    • accident phase
    • alert phase
  • If the pressure readings are less than warning range, no alert is triggered
  • If the pressure range exceeds the warning range, the alert is sent automatically to the rescue services.
  • For nearby help service, buzzer and Light systems are used to notify passerby persons to make rescue sooner. 
  • If the person is safe from accident, the person can manually send no alert signal to the microcontroller, which thereby notifies the rescue services.

Resources Required

Resources used:

  • GPRS / GSM module
  • SIM card with good connectivity
  • LED / Bright light indication
  • Servo motor


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