Driving Made Comfy and Safe
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Driving Made Comfy and Safe

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08/01/2019 - 09/30/2019




Driving Made Comfy and Safe
Driving Made Comfy and Safe
In a technically developing world, still, humans come across a lot of problems while driving. Though we are aware of the rules and safety measures, still we are just making awareness and not moving one step ahead to correct that. The main problem with us is that we can’t avoid using mobile phones with us. So, this proposal will give a safe solution to this issue.
The most irritating part of the above issue is that few gentlemen stop their vehicles to attend calls and get irritated by company ones. This proposal also addresses this problem that people need not stop their vehicles for each and every call but only for the urgent ones.

Why: Problem statement

The main problem is that people attend to phone calls while driving and this may lead to accidents.

How: Solution description

The main aim of the project is to avoid road accidents due to mobile phones. This proposal consists of two phases. The first phase is to avoid phone calls while driving. It doesn't allow the user to attend a call or make a call while driving. Once he stops his vehicle, he can make calls or attend calls.

The second phase comprises building a smart glass or helmet so that the user can screen the mirror cast his mobile on it and can use it while driving. It helps the user with the time, reminder, google maps and can see the caller. The user can see the caller on his data glass and judge whether he can take the call or not. This is very much user-friendly and the most important is that for the safe driving of the user.

This proposal consists of a call management software and a mini projector with the data glass that is connected with the mobile so that it helps the user in driving.

A smart helmet/intelligent bike system is a type of protective headgear used by the rider which makes bike driving safer than before. The main purpose of this helmet is to provide safety for the rider. This can be implemented by using advanced features like alcohol detection, accident identification, location tracking, use as a hands-free device and fall detection. This makes it not only a smart helmet/intelligent bike system but also a feature of a smart bike. It is compulsory to wear the helmet, without which the ignition switch cannot turn ON. An RF Module can be used as a wireless link for communication between transmitter and receiver. If the rider is drunk the ignition gets automatically locked and sends a message to the registered number with his current location. In case of an accident, it will send a message through GSM along with location with the help of the GPS module. The distinctive utility of this project is fall detection; if the rider falls from the bike it sends a message.

How is it different from competition

While the other helmets help the driver to attend phone calls while driving, this helmet prevents the driver from attending phone calls while driving. 

Who are your customers

All common people who use scooters and bikes.

Project Phases and Schedule

Phase 1: Hardware interface of OLED display with Arduino nano.

Phase 2: Developing an app for call blocking while driving.

Phase 3: Integrating hardware and software through bluetooth. 

Resources Required

In this world of increasing road accidents, this proposal will definitely be a turning point and will make a drastic change. This proposal will encourage people to wear a helmet even in small towns and this will definitely attract people to understand the importance of helmets. To err is human but at some point, we should realize our mistakes and correct them. We are well equipped with technology. So, with the help of technology, this proposal will make driving a more comfortable and safe one.


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