Generate a password using python programming
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Generate a password using python programming

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07/13/2020 - 07/31/2020




Generate a password using python programming
Generate a password using python programming

The Internet is the most integral part of our daily life and the people who manage their work with internet like bank transaction, online shopping are also constantly growing. The websites which give these services should be authenticated one they must enable the user to form their own username and the password with a reliable service. So only qualified individuals can access their account by password authentication. 

We proposed a simple application that can randomly generate strong passwords using the Python Tkinter module. This application can generate a random password, with the combination of letters, numerics, and special characters. One can mention the length of the password-based on requirement and can also select the strength of the password.

Why: Problem statement

Normally, users use the constant username and password for the websites they use. This ends up in the hackers to hack the password and easily get the users personal data. Since most of the websites use a low security suite, it stores the username and password in a clear text and this allows the hackers to hack it. 

We are using a similar password for every site and social media that is dangerous. If our password is involved in a hack or information breach, Our entire online life might be in danger. That is why we created a password generator, so we can get strong, random passwords for each account you own. With growing technology, everything has relied on information, and securing these information is the main concern. Passwords are mainly used to keep the information safe that we upload on the Internet.

How: Solution description

This proposed password Generator is done by python using Tkinter for GUI. The project file contains python scripts like and is the support file. This is an easy GUI based project which is very simple to grasp and use. In the system, The users will be able to generate a random password according to different sizes. In order to generate a password first, the user has to pick a size range using the slider. It also displays with a visual color-coded system which indicates the strength of the password, starting from Very Weak to Excellent password strength.  A simple password can be hacked easily and all the personal data can be misused. In order to prevent such things and keep the data safe, it is quite necessary to keep our passwords very strong.

How is it different from competition

This graphical user interface based password generator provides the easiest way for generating a strong password for all the users. In short, this project only focused on generating random passwords using Tkinter. In order to run the project, We need to have installed Python on our computer. This is a simple GUI Based system, specially done for the beginners. The main difference in this project, we are using a graphical user interface(Tkinter) to generate the strong password.

Who are your customers

This project is mainly proposed for all the users, especially who are using the internet. All the people are using email, facebook, twitter, instagram etc. This all the social medias having the username and password. So this project is used for creating strong passwords to protect your account. All our other passwords and important data are protected behind by using this password generator project. We can create unique, random passwords for every site using our built-in strong password generator and use our apps and password extension to log-in easily and securely. This Password generator helps to identify quick results for many of the business sectors to save their time.

Project Phases and Schedule

Software Installation: Before we start the project, First of all we need to install Python 3.7 and all the required python packages.

Import required library: We import the required libraries are Tkinter and is the support file

Create GUI: Then we create GUI(graphical user interface) using tkinter.

Program Execution: After completing the python coding we started to run the project and get the desired output.

Resources Required

Software requirements: Python 3.7 - Underneath the Python Releases for Windows find Latest Python 3 Release – Python 3.7. 4 (latest stable release as of now is Python 3.7. The advantages of Python 3.7 are Easier access to debuggers through a new breakpoint() built-in, Simple class creation using data classes, Customized access to module attributes, Improved support for type hinting and Higher precision timing functions. 

Anaconda tool: Anaconda may be a free and open-source distribution of the Python and R programming languages for scientific computing (data science, machine learning applications, large-scale processing, prediction analysis, etc.). You can download anaconda tool for Python by clicking this link -

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