Investigation on Input Power Factor in Power Conversion Systems and Influence of Topology
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Investigation on Input Power Factor in Power Conversion Systems and Influence of Topology

Project period

07/04/2020 - 07/31/2020




Investigation on Input Power Factor in Power Conversion Systems and Influence of Topology
Investigation on Input Power Factor in Power Conversion Systems and Influence of Topology

The modern electrical loads are tied with the power distribution network through power electronic systems which includes a mandatory front-end rectifier. Conventional diode rectifiers that are commonly used in electrical equipment generate harmonics and suffer by the low power factor. Thus the main cause of poor power factor at the supply side is being waveform distortion in addition to load reactance. A host of power factor correction (PFC) proposals, which are different principles, performance, and implementation, have been suggested and proved. These submissions are principally either pulse width modulation (PWM) schemes, circuit topological changes, and closed-loop controllers. As any modified topological submission has been tested for a convenient switching strategy and a controller, the corrective effort of the topology is not highlighted. This paper reviews the various power conversion topologies available for PFC and compares them in a uniform platform. This effort can help in deciding between the topological structures for appropriate applications. Investigation of three basic topologies is done with MATLAB based simulation. The simulation results including waveforms, power factor, and total harmonic distortion (THD) are more informative.

Why: Problem statement

Nowadays many industrial loads polluting the supply by using inductive loads. Due to this supply power factor, THD, etc. are increasing, to avoid this problem of using a PFC rectifier as a front end. For a three-phase AC-DC converter fed motor drive, its system rating utilization is affected by the line drawn current waveforms. The typical values of THDi and thus the de-rated factors DF for the commonly AC-DC front-end converters can be expected as: (i) Diode rectifier with capacitive filter: THDi ≈ 60%~80%, DF ≈ 0.8575~0.7809. In reality, the displacement power factor of a diode rectifier will be slightly less than unity to yield a slightly lower value of DF value. Hence, although it is simple and cost effective, it suffers from significant de-rating; (ii) 3P1SW DCM SMR: THDi ≈ 15~ 35%, DF ≈ 0.9889~0.9439; and (iii) 3P3SW Vienna SMR and 3P6SW standard SMR: THDi <10%, DF >0.995. The DF values under various values of THDi are represented by the curve shown in figure, wherein the dedicated SMR are indicated. 

How: Solution description

Generally, on the market supply is Ac For and therefore the dc application rectifier can convert ac to dc. A dc-dc converter is employed to accelerate or step down the appliance. additionally to the present convertor employing a diode rectifier within the forepart to scale back a PFC and doctorate. The 2 kinds of power issue corrected (PFC) AC-DC converter fed switched reluctance motor (SRM) drives, each possess reversible and regenerative braking capabilities. First, a three-phase six-switch four-quadrant boost switch-mode rectifier (SMR) fed SRM drive is established. The DC-link voltage of the SRM drive is adjustable and well regulated for effectively enhancing the SRM driving performance beneath higher speeds. Moreover, the recovery of regenerative braking energy back to the mains is doable. Next, a replacement PFC front-end consisting of a diode rectifier Associate in Nursing an anti-paralleled active power filter (APF) is projected. It permits the utilization of Associate in Nursing IGBT module with a lower rating to realize the regenerative braking and PFC functions. However, the DC-link voltage boosting and regulation skills are sacrificed. Some measured results are provided to relatively assess the performances of the SRM drives battery-powered by the 2 AC-DC front-end converters.

How is it different from competition

To avoid a disturbance from the commercial load to shield and system from the inductive load. we have a tendency to use a greenhouse gas convertor. The road current harmonics step-down is crucial to suit the quality leading to a rise within the degree of utilization of the grid power. The projected machine automaton for sensible cities provides the service of the machine with AED to assist somebody having an asystole. No ought to watch for the machine to grant tending solutions. Associate degree emergency messages and the current position of the victim are going to be generated. Also, the message is sent to the members of the family concerning the current scenario of the victim. It performs time - overwhelming tasks. It is operated in motor vehicle or manual mode. This section of our project has the Microcontroller half hooked up with the Motor relay and with the wheels of the robotic vehicle. The IR sensors beside the DC Battery are additionally determined during this section. The Zigbee RSSI is used for Communication Between the varied sections of our project.

Who are your customers

AC to DC device faces are going to be followed by this greenhouse gas device. Industries mistreatment inverters.In each industrial and business installation.

Inverters square measure a really vital key part in solar energy plants. Since solar energy plants generate DC however the grid needs AC, the electrical converter helps in changing the DC to AC. In some cases, giant power grids have DC offer, that is once more born-again to AC offer mistreatment inverters.

Inverters also are utilized in hybrid cars and electrical vehicles to convert the DC offer from batteries into AC offer for the AC motors. Inverters square measure utilized in battery rooms of Astronomical and Military installations and conjointly submarines and ships, wherever the DC battery power is going to be born-again to AC power.

In railway applications, the DC offer from the 110-volt batteries is born-again to 750 volts AC to run air conditioners.

In diesel locomotive locomotives, wherever the provision of the AC generator fluctuates hazardously and uncontrollably, the provision is born-again to DC power employing a full bridge rectifier and controlled, once that the regulated DC output is reconverted back to AC power to power the traction motors of the locomotive.

Project Phases and Schedule

Phase 1: Completed the patient section and management section of the ambubot. This section has the GSM and GPS units followed by a Microcontroller that is later connected with the Heartbeat device and therefore the BP device.

Phase 2: Completed the golem section and monitor section in conjunction with the programming. By observing the performance of your power servers in real-time including system standing, disk, network, handiness, application knowledge, and JDBC/ODBC activity

Phase 3: After making observance indicators, it's time to determine ways for gathering knowledge and the way typically varied knowledge are recorded to trace indicators. This could be spoken communication between program employees, stakeholders, and donors. These ways can have necessary implications for what knowledge assortment ways are used and the way the results are rumored. The supply of observance knowledge depends for the most part on what every indicator is attempting to live.

Resources Required

Hardware requirement:

2 Axis robot  

Relay with a driver circuit


RF transmitter

RF receiver 

PIC16F877A microcontroller - PIC microcontroller will be programmed with totally different computer code that's obtainable within the market. There are unit people that still use the programming language to program PIC MCUs. The below details is for the foremost advanced and customary computer code and compiler that has been developed by micro chip itself.

ECG sensing element - (Electrocardiogram) sensing element records the pathway of electrical impulses through the center muscle and might be recorded on resting and ambulant subjects, or throughout exercise to supply info on the heart's response to physical exercise.

GSM - GSM/GPRS module is employed to determine communication between a laptop and a GSM-GPRS system. The World System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is an associate degree design used for mobile communication in most of the countries. World Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is an associate degree extension of GSM that permits a better information transmission rate. GSM/GPRS module consists of a GSM/GPRS electronic equipment assembled beside power offer circuit and communication interfaces (like RS-232, USB, etc) for computers.

GPS - the world Positioning System (GPS) could be a satellite-based navigation system that may be wont to find positions anyplace on earth. GPS receivers take info transmitted from the satellites and use triangulation to calculate a user’s actual location. GPS is employed in a very form of ways that like to see position locations; as an example, If you would like to radio a whirlybird pilot the coordinates of your position area unit settled so the pilot will decide you up.

Zigbee - The ZigBee (cc2530) could be a true system on chip (SoC) resolution for IEEE 802.15.4 applications. It combines the superb performance of a number one RF transceiver with associate degree industry-standard increased 8051 MCU, in-system programmable non-volatile storage, 8 kB RAM, and plenty of alternative powerful options.

Software Required:

MPlab compiler

Embedded C


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