IoT and wifi based smart car for toxic gas monitoring and alerting in large scale petrochemical plants
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IoT and wifi based smart car for toxic gas monitoring and alerting in large scale petrochemical plants

IoT and wifi based smart car for toxic gas monitoring and alerting in large scale petrochemical plants
IoT and wifi based smart car for toxic gas monitoring and alerting in large scale petrochemical plants

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Providing complete monitoring on the concentration of various toxic gases in large-scale petrochemical plants is critical, since it serious affects the safely producing activities and first line workers’ lives. Safe production environment can enhance the productivity and keep high profits of enterprises. In this paper, we present a newly developed mobile car with WIFI wireless communication to smartly monitor and track the concentration of various toxic gases. 

The aim of the project is to design IOT and wi-fi based smart car. The smart car is used for monitoring the leakage of toxic gas. To alert the workers in the petrochemial plants using IOT concept.

The monitored informations are updated to mobile of the authorized persons.

Why: Problem statement

The proposed smart car overcomes all the below mentioned existing drawbacks:
In the existing system, the informations monitored by the smart car is first sent to the server and then it is shared to authorized person.
The time required to share the data is more.
Human death may occur during this long process.
Health of the workers may be affected due to this long process.

How: Solution description

•In the block diagram, Arduino is the heart of the system.
•Robotic car setup is used for mobility with sensors.
•Three sensors are used namely temperature sensor, gas sensor and ultrasonic sensor. Gas sensor is used to sense the gas leakage. Similarly the temperature sensor is used to sense the temperature level of the surroundings, if it goes beyond the normal level , the smart car will alert the workers via Wi-Fi module using IOT concept.
•Here ultrasonic sensor is used to avoid the obstacles in the path of the car.
•Relay is used as a switch to move the car front and back.
The instinct of mobility allows observing unpredictable events, e.g., toxic gas leakage, which cannot be detected by static sensor nodes in finite areas. In cooperation of mobile and static mechanisms provides more large spatial coverage. To solve these issues above mentioned in traditional measuring method, we propose a basically intelligent realtime mechanism. For real-time toxic gas monitoring in industrial environment, we can apply mobile gas sensing nodes to cooperate with static sensor nodes. Those mobile sensing nodes are able to be realized in various methods, e.g., mobile cars, mobile robots and even workers with wearable and portable sensing devices which is known as “workers as sensors”.  
Combination of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing techniques, this type of various gas data can contribute to large-scale gas monitoring, analysis, on-line visualization and timely emergency reporting. This is not only vitally important to understand nature (e.g., correlations and contexts) of the data for knowledge discovery, but also make workers really participate in high-efficiency systems without the limit of professional knowledge. With real-time monitoring and design-making, this intelligent pattern facilitates less lost and increased safety for keeping high profits of enterprises.  

How is it different from competition

This smart car uses IoT and Wi-fi as compared to other smart cars which use only Wi-fi.

Who are your customers

For use in large scale petrochemical plants.

Project Phases and Schedule

  • Idea
  • Design
  • Component interface 
  • Program
  • Execute

Resources Required

•Arduino Mega 2560
•Wi-Fi Module
•DC Motor-2
•Relay -2
•Temperature sensor-1
•Gas sensor -1
•Ultrasonic sensor-1
•Language              :  Embedded ‘C’
• Compiler              :  Arduino IDE.

 OS                        :  Windows XP/7.   


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