Next generation of giving inputs
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Next generation of giving inputs

Project period

08/17/2019 - 09/04/2019




Next generation of giving inputs
Next generation of giving inputs

Each generation of computers has a unique way of giving inputs. Touch screens and voice inputs drastically rule the current generation. By this time, gesture recognition is getting evolved. Will you appreciate giving input to your screen by touching the screen virtually not physically? Probably, Yes! And that's our project. Giving inputs through hand gestures. We start this with changing the slides in a presentation through hand gestures.

Why: Problem statement

The restriction for the user in a stage while doing a presentation is irritating. The need for much more user-friendly slide changer.

How: Solution description

The IR sensor in the module will capture the hand gestures of the user and send it to the microcontroller. The microcontroller sends the message through Bluetooth module circuit to the computer. Through python, we process the received data and change the slide "next" or "prev".

How is it different from competition

Though many have tried this, the novelty of our project is that the user is allowed to freely move across the stage. Because the gesture detecting sensor module will be with the user.

Who are your customers

Obviously, all students and corporates who are supposed to do a lot of presentations.

Project Phases and Schedule

Phase 1- Interfacing IR sensor with arduino nano and Bluetooth module

Phase 2- Python coding to change the slides in a powerpoint presentation

Phase 3- Integrating the hardware and software together to work as a single system.

Resources Required

Hardware requirements: Arduino Nano, IR sensors, Bluetooth module, Battery

Software requirements: Arduino IDE and Anaconda


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