Online Students Feedback System
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Online Students Feedback System

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01/16/2017 - 04/10/2017




Online Students Feedback System
Online Students Feedback System

Feedback is a piece of information about the pros and cons of thing they would like to give their feedback about. In colleges, students before finishing their studies would provide feedback about their professors, lectures, college infrastructure and other facilities. This process takes place manually using pen and paper. This has many drawbacks and evaluating these handwritten forms is a difficult process. Our project will overcome this issue by making the feedback system online. As this is an online-era, where everything through online we need to develop a system in the online cloud which is very useful to maintain feedback reports by the administrator. In this students need to log in and give their feedback about their college staffs and can't modify even by higher authorities. Our system will check authentic validation for students by their id. This is a very secure and efficient manner of collecting feedback without the loss of data.

The online feedback system is a web-based system which provides a way for colleges to allow students to gives feedback for staff online to improve their teaching. Students are required to give feedback using one standard feedback form. In our project, the security is also maintained by the result of feedback is only visible to the authentic user. This project also includes a time portal. This system helps teachers to improve their performance by analyzing the feedback given by students. The Online Feedback System is used to manages feedback provided by students. Online Feedback System allows students to select a particular subject and respective teacher to give feedback about teacher and subject. An Online Feedback System is a feedback generation system which gives proper feedback to teacher provides the proper feedback to the teachers about their teaching quality on basis of rating very poor, poor, average, good, very good. In the existing system students requires giving feedback manually. In existing system report generation by analyzing all feedback form is very time-consuming. By online feedback system, report generation is consuming very less time. In online feedback, system student gives feedback for the teacher of a particular subject for a particular period may be at month-end. Feedback is sent to the HOD of the particular department as well as all departments’ feedback to the principal. HOD has rights to whether feedback shows to a respected teacher or not. After analyzing report HOD or principle conducts the meetings for staff by send mail to them.?

Why: Problem statement

  • The existing system carries more time to do a piece of work for this reason the online system feedback is implemented.
  • This system needs high manual efforts to manage the student feedback.
  • Loss of records.
  • High paper works.
  • No automation in extracting data input and handling.
  • Lack of security with no authentication.
  • Response is slow.

How: Solution description

  • Online Student Feedback System is an automatic feedback generation process to compute the staff accessbility and capablity.
  • Student feedback system is to provide the feedbacks in a quick and easy way for the studnets to the particular department staff.
  • This is a very efficient manner of collecting feedbacks without the loss of data.
  • High security i.e only authenticated students can send the feedback.
  • Student can send feedback at any time and anywhere.
  • Low time consumption process with high speed computation works.
  • Ease of retreiving database records of each staff in whole department / institution.
  • Response is very fast.

How is it different from competition

We are doing this project in online cloud data. Normaly we used to write the feedback in paper, in which students can't write the cons of the staff with their name. so they usually feel scared to write the truth. In this feedback system, students need not to give their photo or name, just by giving their id and their department they can login and submit their feedbacks. so no one knows who is sending the feedback. They need not to be afraid of anyone. They can send their feedback about what they feel about their staff whenever they need, during the semester. 


  • Online students feedback system is used in colleges for students.
  • To know the student's exact state of mind about their teaching staff.
  • With the help of online students feedback system, the method of teaching will be improved.
  • Students can be highly beneficiary by this approach.
  • This system can bring change in the management, staffs and education system too.

Who are your customers

Saradha Gangadharan College of Arts and Science is buying our project to implement this in their institution. In our college we still use papers to give the feedback about our staff.

Project Phases and Schedule

Phase 1: Data collection
Phase 2: Designing
Phase 3: Testing method
Phase 4: Documentation process

Resources Required

Front end   :   HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Back end    :   PHP, Microsoft Access

Design-tool :   Photoshop



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