Virtual classroom social networking for college
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Virtual classroom social networking for college

Project period

03/20/2017 - 05/05/2017




Virtual classroom social networking for college
Virtual classroom social networking for college

Virtual Classroom Network is a web-based social networking site for the college. The objective of this project is to provide a single platform for students and faculties to interact with each other. In this project the administrator of the college keeps track of all the activities takes place in the site. There will be three interfaces in this project: Admin, Faculty, and Student where all three will be having unique tasks to perform.

The power of social media in our global society has been labeled as a social revolution that is changing the way we live, work, communicate, and learn. College students are surrounded by and engrossed in social media. University professors are realizing the necessity of incorporating social media in their classrooms. Social media has become a major component of distance learning and massive open online courses (MOOCs) increasing the availability of a college education to students who could not previously afford it or who geographically had no access to it. The rising use of social media in college classrooms is changing the delivery of information and the formation of educational communities. Also, it is advancing the democratization of universities and the opportunities for international students to experience a world-class education.

Why: Problem statement

In most of the colleges, they don't have a one-stop portal social network for all the students in the same colleges. Every department students will have separate mail id, in that study materials and important rules will be sent to all students through common email. There will be no discussion among students, no notice board comments, students can't able to share their views on upcoming events, seminars, shared notes, teaching, etc. Students are mostly depending on their class representative to distribute the notes, to participate in events, etc. Students need virtual classroom network so that they can send queries to any teacher or students, they can download their study materials whenever they needed, they can discuss the events with any department staff and students, etc. 

How: Solution description

Three modules available are Admin, faculty, students module. The administrator of the college will take part as the admin of this project. The admin will add all the staff and students of the college. The account information of the staff is provided to them by the admin manually, whereas the student account will be activated only after the personal registration to the account by the particular student with some mandatory requirements. This is done to avoid fake student registration. Though admin will have all the rights over the activities that place on the site, it is very secure for all the users of this site. This is because once the user activates the account admin can't edit the accounts. Admin will have all rights in removing any posts which are found imperfect to the site and deleting the user if the wrong usage of the account is found.

The faculties will be uploading notices about the activities in the colleges on the home page of the site which helps the students to take part in several activities. Staff of different faculty will be conducting a quiz on their courses which allows the students to participate in the quiz. Study materials will be uploaded by the staffs to help students in their studies. Students can also interact with their staffs if they have any doubts about their curriculum.

Students are the main interface in this project. The student will get all the benefits from this site. Students can upload messages, photos and videos on their timeline and all other students of the college can comment and like on the post done by the student. Students can even chat with their friends through individual chat and even with their classmates through a group chat. They can download the study materials uploaded by their faculty. If any doubts in their curriculum they can interact with their faculties and even with other students of that course to clarify them. Students can take part in the quiz conducted by their faculty and their results will be displayed on the homepage along with college notices.

How is it different from competition

Our competition is all college institutions who use the virtual social network for communication between students, professors, and college management, etc.

Who are your customers

Our customers are college and school management who are in high demand for using the common network to share events, functions seminars, study materials for students, etc. We are different from our customers by using this social network as a notice board for all students so that it will easily reach to all. Any information can be posted on notice board, and for which comment section is also available, through which any students and staff can share their view about the college management decision.

Project Phases and Schedule

Phase 1: Data collection
Phase 2: Designing
Phase 3: Testing method
Phase 4: Documentation process

Resources Required

Language                           -     HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Javascript
Backend  Languages          -     Mysql, PHP,
Software                             -     sublime or Atom, Xampp


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