Vocational course registration
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Vocational course registration

Project period

01/20/2017 - 02/28/2017




Vocational course registration
Vocational course registration

Vocational course registration system is an automated version of manual Course registration for students. It can handle all the details about a student. The details include course details, staff details, student fees details, etc. Students should enter their courses which they want to learn. The main objective of using this management tool is for academic institutions ranging from schools and colleges to simplify their administrative process involving personnel management, inventory, and payments. 

Why: Problem statement

Recent days this system is manual operated and thus it required lot of time, manpower, decrease in accuracy etc. Also maintaining backup manually is difficult and a tedious process. 

How: Solution description

The online vocational system is a boon for schools and colleges as it consumes less time and manpower. It doesn't require more space to record the details of students. Updating the course details and student details are easy when compared to the manual process.

Our online vocational system includes five important modules. They are student, admin, course registration, fees details and course details.

How is it different from competition

Recent days the project is done manually and to overcome time consumption, paper consumption and labour consumption, we are doing our project online to improve efficiency. 

Who are your customers

Schools and colleges where students normally do their vocational course are our customers.

Project Phases and Schedule

Phase 1: Data collection
Phase 2: Designing
Phase 3: Testing method
Phase 4: Documentation process

Resources Required

Software - Notepad++

Xampp version 3.2.2




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Aru you implementing video tutorials online?

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