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Network software audit

Hi! Can someone here suggest a good all-in-one tool to monitor for software, hardware, licenses, creating schedules for monitoring, alerting about changes etc.? I need a freeware solution - last time i had used OCS+GLPI but the features were limited. Now i`m using trial version of Total Network Inventory software audit tool , the trial is almost over and i`m curious about freeware options with similar features. (need to manage unix-based network with Ubuntu, roughly 60 nodes). Thanks!


Jasonstathom654 on 9th Jan 2017, 04:34 AM

Software audit is basically a auditing of all the softwares, tools installed in the systems. These are basically unauthorized softwares which are used in the systems. So you want to do software auditing then you must try binadox software auditing tools for your system. For more information visit here:-

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