Dual Output Current Sensor - Yosnalab

Dual Output Current Sensor

The dual output current sensor 1119 measures AC current up to 20 Amps and DC Current from -20Amps to +20Amps. Dual outputs allow the user to measure both the AC and DC components of complex current waveforms separately. The AC output will give the RMS (Root Mean Square) value of an alternating current assuming the current is sinusoidal, and the sine wave is varying equally across the zero point. The AC out can be used for signals that are not varying evenly around the zero point but the value will output will be the RMS plus a DC component. If a DC signal is being measured, the AC output will produce a signal that can be used to calculate the current but without the value representing direction of current flow.


  • Active Current Consumption : 10mA.
  • Minimum Supply Voltage : 4.5VDC.
  • Maximum Supply Voltage : 5.5VDC.
  • Maximum Measurable AC Current : 20A.
  • Maximum Measurable DC Current : ±20A.
  • Maximum Measurable AC Frequency : 50KHz.
  • Wire Stripping Length : 6 - 7mm.
  • Offset (no current flowing) : ±150mA Max @ 25°C.