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Arduino esplora board

Arduino esplora a new game controller-shaped microcontroller board derived from the popular Arduino Leonardo. It has a number of built-in, ready-to-use sensors. The esplora has onboard sound and light outputs, and several input sensors, including a joystick, a slider, a temperature sensor, an accelerometer, a microphone, and a light sensor. It also has the potential to expand its capabilities with two Tinker kit input and output connectors. Esplora uses an Atmega32U4 AVR microcontroller with 16 MHz crystal oscillator and a micro USB connection capable of acting as a USB client device.


  • Microcontroller : ATmega32u4.
  • Operating Voltage : 5V.
  • Flash Memory : 32KB of which 4KB used by bootlooader.
  • SRAM : 2.5 KB.
  • EEPROM : 1KB.
  • Clock Speed : 16MHz.
  • Length : 164.04mm.
  • Width : 60 mm.
  • Weight : 53g.