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About Us

We believe students and student projects can change the world. Projects are mandated by universities to provide practical hands-on interdisciplinary experience for students through the design and development of exciting projects as part of their overall academic preparation but often we see that it's a challenge for students. Yosnalab brings together all students who are going through the same challenge along with professors and experts which makes a difference.


Yosnalab brings Students, Professors, Mentors and industry together. Its a straight forward content destination if you would like to connect and learn how other students are doing their projects. Lets not reinvent the wheel, there is no mistake in stealing little bits from other projects. We call it leverage.

Small Project Funds

Students, Professors and Professionals have the ability to assess your project based on many factors. There are two 20,000 INR funds, four 10,000 INR funds and four 5,000 INR funds that you can win based on the ratings.

Design and Prototype support

If your project requires design, experimentation and prototyping, Yosnalab mentors will be glad to help. You can leverage our connections with various machine shops, labs and network of professional engineers.

Co-working Space

Yosnalab can accommodate 4 teams in a given session. There are morning, afternoon and evening sessions that you can apply to. We provide Desk space, access to basic Mechanical,Computer and Electrical labs.These labs have various open source and licensed Hardware and Software kits that will enable your projects/products to come to life.We'll work together on your project and projects presentations.

Industry Connection

Yosnalab validates your project to connect with right industry. This helps to put your project or product to use immediately. Which can lead to more funding support and possibly Internships.

Privacy Policy

In order for you to use an account on Yosnalab and use our services, we need to collect and process some information. Depending on your use of the services, that may include

  • Information such as name, email, institution and region that you provide by completing forms on Yosnalab, including if you register as a user of the services, upload or submit any material through Yosnalab or request any information.
  • Your login and password details, in connection with the account sign-up process.
  • Information about your activity on and interaction with Yosnalab, such as your IP address and the type of device or browser you use.
  • Communication you send to us for example, when you ask for support or report a problem.
  • Information that you submit to Yosnalab in the form of comment, contributions to discussions, or message to other users.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us.